Popety.io : Leveraging Real Estate through Machine Learning

Popety’s footprint is now spreading across the world! We are proud to announce the beginning of our activities in Europe, Switzerland through Popety.io.

Thinking outside the box while being pragmatic and efficient has always been our credo. As a matter of fact, since we founded the company 3 years ago, we have constantly believed in data and disruptive technologies such as blockchain and predictive analytics as levers to create opportunities in the real estate market.

That is the reason why we decided to start a new adventure with Popety.io.


What is Popety.io ?  

Popety.io  are the Popety’s activities focused on Big Data and Machine Learning to resolve business issues of the real estate players. After months of research and analysis,  we understood that our solution could help to tighten the gaps we identified in the market through the unlimited solutions offered by Machine Learning and decided to be one of the first Real estate company to implement it in its offer.

What are we doing?

Through data processing and in-house algorithms, we can predict the homeowners who are most likely to sell in the upcoming months. For markets with high demand but low vacancy rate (where only few properties are available for sale), the predictive reports represent a goldmine for brokers.



Need more information regarding our solution? Visit Popety.io!

We will soon write an article to explain how does Machine Learning work and how we leverage it.

Jeremy TD