Popety new website is LIVE !

Dear Users,

We have decided to redesign our platform with you in mind. Therefore, Popety is delighted and proud to officially announce that the new version of www.popety.com is live!
Our goal was to enhance the user experience and provide you with the most convenient, intuitive and reliable property platform through innovative features and ergonomic design. With this new version, fully functioning on desktop, mobile and tablet, browsing Singapore and finding your dream home has never been easier.
3 main points:
1) A new User-friendly design

 The new design with clear navigation and accessible functions will allow you to easily explore and enquire more than 600 000 properties listed on our website, to bookmark your favorites one, share them with anyone and find the best deals on the market.
2) Available on every device.
No more constraints. From now on, Popety website is available on all your devices: Mobile, Desktop or Tablet! You can access all the amazing functionalities offered by Popety on the go or from home.
3) The innovative 3D Map feature.
With the innovative 3D map feature, browsing the properties throughout the Singaporean market becomes an intuitive and pleasant experience, more realistic than ever. You can visualize how your future home and neighbourhood will look like and simply identify which building is the best deal with the color code filter.
It’s now time for you to try all these amazing new features on Popety.
We hope you will like the changes, if you have any feedback, please let us know at support@popety.com.

Jeremy TD

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