It's time for real estate to change!

Popety brings Transparency and Efficiency to the property market in Singapore.

About Popety

It all started with a dream, a place where all relevant information about properties would be kept safe.

A place where you could not only see what's valid today but also what has happened in the past. A place where relevant home services would be made available, simply.
Getting you to that place is our mission. We collect and curate as much insights and services as possible on Singapore properties to make the market more fair and efficient.

Management Team



Michael is a bit of a character always getting so passionate about everything he does (a business has to be global, a run has to be a marathon...). This kicks ass to companies Michael is engaged with and motivates people as if nothing was impossible. From selling jeans at university to creating an international management consulting firm, Michael is fascinated by sparks turned into reality with the power of will.
His Moto is: “Success is only the collateral effect of passion and competence”. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Information Technologies and is Post-graduated from IDEHAP, IMD and INSEAD.



"Wherever you are, you have to connect to opportunities" could be Jean-Frederic philosophy. Globe-trotter and multi-projects manager, Jean-Frederic is fascinated by visionaries & the power of teamwork. Building on his experience as CFO, he brings a pinch of order in our fast pace changing environment. He always manages to strike the right balance between structure and nimbleness when the team throws a hundred new ideas per day. His mission is to ensure we build a “war machine” with appropriate rules and processes considering that “going fast is good but going far is better”.
Jean-Frederic holds a Master's degree in Finance from E.D.H.E.C Group and is post-graduated from IMD.



Thibault is a digital nomad who has lived in 4 different Asian countries and have earned quite a resume building web apps for large corporates and Open Source company.
Well-versed in Scalable Architecture, Search Engine integration and Advanced Analytics, his experience spreads across various domains such as Smart-grid solution, Enterprise social-collaboration software and now, Real Estate.
He lives in a world where he seeks simple solutions to solve complex problems. Thibault knows that innovation enables new way to do business and is convinced that team collaboration is a key to success. Leading a team of Full-Stack Javascript Ninjas, he is a vital asset to the team as he brings the company product vision to life.

Our Partners